jade's games

From video games to tabletop to cards, I love gaming in all its forms. And as with everything I love, I have to try to make something myself!

text/browser games

video games

  • in development: a Farmer's Market incremental game to help me learn how to do game loops in JavaScript (link to come when it's ready for alpha release!)
  • in development (planning stage): nebula's bounty - a sci-fi-themed farming sim in Godot

tabletop games

  • the conSTABulary is here (a two-page ttrpg inspired by onesevendesigns' lasers & feelings)
  • in development: shopkeep adventurers (a combination shop management/adventuring rpg)
  • in development: the journey home (a solo rpg about a lost kitten)
  • in development: brindlewood manor (a one-page horror rpg)

board games

  • in development: 'capture the flag/battleship' (a game that combines these two concepts into one game)