site meta

What's this page for? Mostly for my own quick reference because I'm a forgetful individual. I'll be storing things like hex codes for my colour schemes, probably div sizes and things like that. Could I store those somewhere else? Sure, but I'm using this website like a scrap journal. (Which makes me think... maybe I could try designing a page theme like that?)

notes to self

  • background colour is #fff8e8
  • main text colour is #131d1f
  • the pink is #F8BAA2
  • the blue is #78BAC0
  • navbar link colour is #ffffe8
  • navbar link hover is #f8f8a2
  • navbar 'current heading' colour is #fce24c
  • sidebar nav links are #ffd677
  • sidebar regular hover links are #e8bc56
  • sidebar regular visited links are #ab3c72