about jade

Hi! I'm Jade, and I'm an artist, fiction writer, nonfiction writer, fibrecrafter, game dev, stationery maker...

(takes deep breath) and an enthusiast about various other nerdy things! Imagine Barbie if she were mediocre at all those jobs she does.

You can find me online in most places at jadefyre, jadefyrexiii, or jadefyredraws.

my internetting background

I was born in the mid-90s in a semi-rural location. We got dial-up when I was around 8 and high-speed when I was a teenager. I've been attempting to learn html ever since I heard about it in Yes! Magazine (which suddenly and sadly shut down in 2012). With the rise of Web 2.0, I forgot about my website-building dreams for a while... but now I'm back, properly learning how CSS actually works, and I'm determined to have fun with it!